Believe It, Be It, Make It Happen

I woke up this morning to sunshine in Seattle. It doesn’t rain here all the time, but enough that seeing the sun makes Seattleites happy. This spring has been especially gloomy. And I’m not just whining. According to the Seattle Weather Blog, it’s the coldest spring since 2011 — I didn’t live here then, and the 13th coldest since 1945. So, seeing the sun this morning with a high of 72 brought joy to my heart. But then, I’m reminded there was another shooting. It happened yesterday in Tulsa, OK.

We must live our lives with as much joy as possible, acknowledge the horrors around us and do what we can to change them. I often think of my ancestors crossing the ocean in the Middle Passage and enduring slavery. They made it through, or I would not be here. They faced horrors and times I cannot imagine. Yet they found a way to live and find joy in life in the face of absurdity and humanity’s worst inhumanities. If they could do that, so can we. They inspire me.

All our ancestors saw and lived through things we cannot fathom. They made it. They changed it. We Can Too! Always remember, YOU/WE are part of the solution. We must believe things can change. We must challenge ourselves to be the change we seek. Strengthened by this foundation, with impatience and perseverance, we will make positive change happen!



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